Long Pepper


Long pepper is a plant which fruit is used to make medician. It includes with other herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. Long pepper is dried and used as a spice, called pippali. The trade of long pepper spice is all over the world. It uses for treating the lung problems including a cough, bronchitis, and asthma. Spice makes our food tasty and healthier.

Medicinal Properties

Long pepper helps to make ayurvedic medicine for remove the health problems. It improves appetite and digestion. Some women use this spice during childbirth for the uterus returns to normal size. It promotes also growth to intelligence. Other uses include treatment of a toothache, fever, muscle pain, tetanus, thirst, vitamin B1 deficiency, leprosy,snakebite.


Long pepper has several uses besides a medicine.

  • Used in cooking.
  • To prepare vegetable pickles.
  • Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines.

Long pepper has been used as a spice or traditional medicine in all over the world. Its nature is warm and hot, so it has limited use to cure disease.

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