Damar batu

Damar Batu

Indian cuisine and the spices go hand in hand together as the traditional food items and are seasoned with a wide array of spices. We offer Damar Batu of standard quality products that are great demand in the market. These are appreciated by a large number of customers.

What is Damar Batu?

Damar Batu is same as Dammer Gum which is natural resin of ancient shore trees. Damar Batu is much harder than other resins. It has black and brown colours with various size from 1 cm to 20 cm. It can be found in the ground or earth surface in the Indonesia jungle.


Damar Batu is applied traditionally by the fishers as wood boat putty by way of mixing with kerosene. It can give pleasant odour when burnt or heated. Nowadays, It is also being used in the manufacture of paints and putty.

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