Cloves were transported all the way from Indonesia to Persia, China, India, Africa, and Europe. During this time, cloves had a very high price, thus, wars for monopoly over clove production and distribution began. The Emperor were used clove in their food. Cloves are still used for both cooking as well as medicinal purposes. Cloves are an ancient spice which is using the date of antiquity. It is one of the world most popular and healthier for the body.

What is clove

Clove is a herb which is used for cooking and medicine. It is a “flower buds” of Syzygium aromaticum tree. Most of the people used various parts of the plants, including the dried buds, stem, and leaves to make oil and medicine. India is very fond of eating spicy food. Clove plant is an evergreen plant growing in a tropical area of the world.

Medical properties

Clove is an antioxidant, local anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, anti- septic, anti- flatulent, anti-bacterial, and rubefacient. It is a phenylpropanoids chemical compound which gives sweet aromatic fragrances to the clove bud. This spice contains health benefiting essential minerals like potassium, iron, manganese, and selenium to prevent the heart disease. It contains also oil which useful in dental care as well as the treatment procedure.

Uses of cloves

There are a lot of use of clove spices which is helpful to prevent many disease or pain of your body.

  • To stop vomiting
  • Used in cooking
  • Feeling cold and cough
  • Toothache
  • Mosquito repellant
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